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Profile of Jane Clarke
Jane Clarke My beliefs are grounded in the simple statement that 'food nourishes your life, not just your body'. My mission is to change people's lives through the power of nourishment and I have pursued this ambition through my writing, presenting and personal practice. I run a successful nutrition practice in London.

My series of Bodyfoods books (including Bodyfoods for Life, for Women, for Busy People and the Bodyfoods Cookbook) have all become bestsellers. My most recent book called ‘Yummy!’ was published in June 2006 by Hodder Mobius. ‘Yummy!’ is a children’s nutritional guide with some of my favourite recipes. See more on my books.

After two great years with The Times, I have recently moved to the Daily Mail to become their expert nutritionist where I write two columns per week - in Tuesday's Good Health section within Femail and in Saturday's Femail.

My previous weekly column for the Mail on Sunday ‘You Magazine’ (running between 2002 and 2004), reached over 2 million people. I was also a regular contributor on ITV’s most successful morning show 'This Morning', watched by over 1.4 million people, and I have also presented my own nutrition TV series for Granada. A regular commentator on nutritional matters, I have appeared on BBC Radio 4 'Women's Hour', ‘Food’, 'Case Notes' and 'Midweek' programmes and have presented my own 'Archive Hour'. More recently, I have appeared several times on ‘The Wright Stuff’ providing nutritional advice. I have also been involved in several PR campaigns including Great British Chicken, Biorè and Mushroom Bureau. As well as being a state registered dietician, I am a consultant for the World Cancer Research Fund and a Member of the Guild of Health Writers. Plus, I also understand the importance of delicious food. I am a trained Cordon Bleu chef and Jamie Oliver's expert nutritionist.

Bodyfoods for Busy People
This innovative guide to eating right offers suggestions for all modern life's most common ills: from hangovers to jet lag. Jane Clarke is Britain's most respected and trusted nutritionist and in Bodyfoods for Busy People she shares her wisdom with Americans. See Details

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