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September, 2017
The Bermuda Privateer, book no.1 The Nicholas Fallon Sea Novels (HC), by William Westbrook


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73 North: The Battle of the Barents Sea
The Admiral's Daughter
All the Drowning Seas
The Battle of the River Plate
Better Than Peanut Butter & Jelly: Quick Vegetarian Meals Your Kids Will Love! Revised Edition
Beyond the Reef
The Book of Matthew
The Brave Captains
The Cannons of Lucknow
Captain Blood
Colours Aloft!
Command a King's Ship
The Complete Midshipman Bolitho
Cross of St George
The Darkening Sea
A Dawn Like Thunder
Dead Reckoning
The Devil Himself: The Mutiny of 1800
Devil to Pay
The Emperor’s Coloured Coat: In which Otto Prohaska, future hero of the Habsburg Empire, has an unexpectedly interesting time while not quite managing to avert the First World War
Enemy in Sight!
Escape from Hell
The Fight for Rome
The Fireship
The First to Land
The Flag Captain
The Flag of Freedom
For My Country's Freedom
Form Line of Battle!
Four Kings
Frank Mildmay or The Naval Officer
The French Admiral
From the Depths
The Gatecrashers
Governor Ramage R. N.
The Guernseyman
The Gun Ketch
Guns to the Far East
H.M.S. Cockerel
Halfhyde and the Guns of Arrest
Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin
Halfhyde for the Queen
Halfhyde on Zanatu
Halfhyde Ordered South
Halfhyde to the Narrows
Halfhyde's Island
Hazard in Circassia
Hazard of Huntress
Hazard's Command
Heart of Oak
The Heroic Garrison
Honour This Day
The Horizon
In Gallant Company
In the King's Name
The Inshore Squadron
Inside the Ropes
Jester's Fortune
The Katyn Order
Killing Ground
A King's Commander
The King's Own
Knife Edge
Last Lift from Crete
The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower
Man of War
Manly Art
Massacre at Cawnpore
Mr Midshipman Easy
Museum of Human Beings
New Vegetarian Baby
Newton Forster OR The Merchant Service
Night of Flames
No Quarter
The Only Life That Mattered
The Only Victor
Passage to Mutiny
Peter Wicked
Porto Bello Gold
A Prayer for the Ship
The Price of Glory
The Pride and the Anguish
The Privateer's Revenge
The Privateersman
Ramage & the Dido
Ramage & the Drumbeat
Ramage & the Freebooters
Ramage & the Guillotine
Ramage & the Rebels
Ramage & the Saracens
Ramage at Trafalgar
The Ramage Touch
Ramage's Challenge
Ramage's Devil
Ramage's Diamond
Ramage's Prize
Ramage's Trial
Relentless Pursuit
Sand of the Arena
Second to None
The Sepoy Mutiny
A Share of Honour
Signal -- Close Action!
Sloop of War
So Near So Far
Stand Into Danger
Storm Force to Narvik
Success to the Brave
Sword of Honour
The Tide of War
The Time of Terror
To Glory We Steer
Tom Cringle's Log
Tomorrow the World: In which Otto Prohaska carries the Habsburg Empire's civilizing mission to the entirely unreceptive peoples of Africa and Oceania
The Torch Bearers
Touch and Go
A Tradition of Victory
Twelve Seconds to Live
The Two-Headed Eagle: In which Otto Prohaska takes a break as the Habsburg Empire's leading U-Boat ace and does something even more thanklessly dangerous
The Valiant Sailors
Vegan: The New Ethics of Eating, Revised Edition
Victory at Sebastopol
The War of Knives
Wes Cole's Healthy Habits
What Lies Buried
The White Guns
The Winds of Folly
Winged Escort
Wings: A Novel of World War II Flygirls
With All Despatch
The Yarn of Old Harbour Town