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June, 2018
The King's Coat, book no.1 The Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures, by Dewey Lambdin

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Halfhyde Outward Bound

Halfhyde Outward Bound

Philip McCutchan

When Lieutenant St. Vincent Halfhyde finds himself unexpectedly placed on shore on the half-pay list of the Royal Navy (following the debacle of Captain Watkiss's accidental death chronicled in Halfhyde on Zanatu) he decides to broaden his experience at sea on a merchantman bound for Sydney. His ship, the Aysgarth Falls, has an unsavory crew consisting primarily, it seems, of villians on the run from the police. Bad weather and outbreaks of fighting in the fo'c'sle herald the dangers ahead.

To be published in January 2018. See Details

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The King's Coat

The King's Coat

Dewey Lambdin

This auspicious beginning of a series has a very modern sensibility. In 1780, at the age of 17, our hero, bastard son of Sir Hugo Willoughby, is already a practicing rake in London. Caught in flagrante delicto with his [more-than-willing] half-sister, he is banished to the Navy in a nasty ploy by Sir Hugo to rob the boy of his inheritance. See Details

$19.95 Paperback