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June, 2018
The King's Coat, book no.1 The Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures, by Dewey Lambdin

The Gladiators of the Empire Novels
In the first century AD, the Roman Empire stretches across the European continent and the gladiatorial games are awash in blood. Through a twist of fate, Quintus Honorius Romanus, heir of a wealthy Roman family, becomes a gladiator, fighting for his life in arenas across the Empire. With the help of his friends—the beast hunter Lindani and the gladiatrix Amazonia—Quintus plots revenge against the imposter who brought him so low. Then the Emperor dies, leaving the throne up for grabs, and Quintus and his friends are forced to fight with the legionaries in a ruthless civil war. All roads lead to Rome, and the bloody birth of a new dynasty.

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Book 1
Sand of the Arena
Sand of the Arena
Quintus Honorius Romanus, son of one of the richest men in AD 63 Rome, loses everything. Faced with a life of menial slavery, he joins a gladiatorial school. See Details

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Book 2
The Fight for Rome
The Fight for Rome
Continuing the adventures of Quintus Honorius Romanus (a.k.a. Taurus)—legendary gladiator of ancient Rome—this second book in the series picks up in AD 68, when the emperor is dead, and the throne is up for grabs . . . See Details

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Book 3
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