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Publishing Schedule

April, 2016
The Winds of Folly, book no.4 The Nathan Peake Novels (Trade Pbk), by Seth Hunter

May, 2016
The Pride and the Anguish, book no.8 Modern Naval Fiction Library (Trade Pbk), by Douglas Reeman

July, 2016
A Dawn Like Thunder, book no.9 Modern Naval Fiction Library (Trade Pbk), by Douglas Reeman

August, 2016
The Flag of Freedom, book no.5 The Nathan Peake Novels (Trade Pbk), by Seth Hunter

Profile of Karl Friedrich
Karl Friedrich worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine and public relations writer, advertising copywriter, and photographer. Along the way, he drove a dump truck, climbed very tall radio towers, sold shoes and worked as a secretary, but none of those stuck. His many friends who flew military or commercial aircraft, and his lifelong fascination with women who achieve great accomplishment despite the displeasure of men, provided the inspiration and impetus for writing WINGS. Karl and his gourmet-cook wife, Rhonda, lived happily in the Pacific Northwest. We are saddened by his passing in December 2012.

Wings: A Novel of World War II Flygirls
Sally Ketchum comes from dirt-poor farm folk. Then she enrolls in the U.S. military’s WASP program. At the special school known as Avenger, she learns to fly the biggest, fastest, meanest planes the military has to offer.

A novel based on the true World War II story of America's first female military pilots. See Details

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